February 2, 2015
by The Dad Beats
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Dad Beats! Live! This Saturday! February 7th

Sure it’s cold and snowy today, but come this Saturday at 11:30am, you and your kids can bask in the warm musical glow of The Dad Beats!

Be prepared to dance and sing along!

Windsor Terrace Library
160 East 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218

January 7, 2015
by The Dad Beats
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The Dad Beats! at PS 107, 4th Fl

The Dad Beats will be playing live, January 22, at PS 107k John W Kimball School 1301 8th Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Pizza at 6:15pm/ Music at 6:45
$6 per person/ $20 per family
Dad Beats!

January 2, 2015
by The Dad Beats
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New Dad Beats! Ukulele Chords

Is everyone having a fine New Year so far? We are looking forward to an amazing 2015 and have several shows coming up in the next couple of months so stay tuned for announcements and dates. Meanwhile, we have added ukulele chords for “I Will Not Crush My Baby Brother”, so head over to the Sing Along With The Dad Beats! and start learning them now!

November 13, 2014
by The Dad Beats
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Wait ‘Til The Dad Beats! Get Home… for the holidays!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and The Dad Beats! album, Child Support, is conveniently available for purchase and enjoyment! What better way to show thanks, stuff a stocking, make merry, and roast your chestnuts than while listening to the pleasing tones of Parent/Child Oriented Pop Rock (PCOPR)as delivered by The Dad Beats!

Our album can be purchased digitally from Bandcamp or iTunes and physical copies are available through CDBaby and, of course, at our live shows!